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Elgalen Productions

About Us

We strive to create content that entertains, inspires, provokes, moves the imagination, and invites reflection. 

Our worldwide view allows us to work without prejudice and aim towards true representation. 

We want new voices to be heard, bring diversity across the screens, and empower the marginalized by telling stories that see them. 

We Imagine

Characters and stories. We look for the weird, the marginalized, the fantastic, the imaginative, the horrifying truth, and the diverse. The anti-heroines in worlds of awe.

We Explore

New technology or ways to push traditional media. We dive deep into the opportunities and challenges each platform offers to reach our audience with the characters we imagine. 

We Create

We make the dream of our story come to life. Producing content across platforms that entertain and incite a hopeful revolution. We work with different budgets and levels of production, collaborating with diverse creatives and aiming to create an enriching experience for them

We Voice

Our creations through social media, festivals, and distribution platforms, responding to the needs of the content created and the audience. We are eager to share our knowledge, listen to feedback and give space to new and underrepresented voices to express themselves. 

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